TraceView Has Joined SolarWinds

We’re very excited to announce that TraceView™ has joined SolarWinds!

When we started Tracelytics (later TraceView) in 2010, we knew application performance monitoring (APM) would become increasingly important as web applications grew more complex, distributed, and business-critical. As the industry and ecosystem have evolved, so has the demand to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose application issues. We remain committed to delivering a world-class monitoring product for TraceView’s current and future users. The TraceView team is dedicated to making next-generation enhancements to the product over the next several months, so be on the lookout for exciting news.

Thanks for being part of this journey so far. We hope you enjoy using our product; it’s only going to get better. TraceView and SolarWinds plan to continue supporting and delighting you.

– Chris, Dan, and the TraceView team

Code-level insight for web apps

Monitor performance of your distributed app across your full application stack.

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Identify Trends and Outliers at a Glance

Get insight beyond averages and understand performance trends over multiple releases. Use advanced visualizations to see every call, at every layer, for 90 days.

Fix Problems in any Layer in the Stack

All without slowing your application down. Don't get stuck staring at an API call. Follow requests through distributed transactions and find out what came next.

Track User Performance Where It Matters

Find and fix problems with real user monitoring and synthetic transactions, all tied to backend performance.

TraceView Code-level Performance Monitoring

This video is an overview of TraceView, a code-level performance monitoring tool. With TraceView, you can monitor performance of your distributed app across your full application stack

Features Included

  • Advanced visualization with filtering & drill-down
  • Java Management Extension (JMX) monitoring support
  • Search and filter across URLs and controller/actions
  • Cross-host, distributed transaction tracing
  • Real User Monitoring (RUM)
  • Online & Email support
  • Latency, host, and error-based alerting
  • Phone Support
  • Web server monitoring
  • Latency data API
  • Email Alerts
  • Error reporting at every layer
  • Distributed Transaction Tracing
  • Host Count Bursting
  • Machine-level metric collection & charting

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All plans are based on either an annual or monthly subscription.

TraceView Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

TraceView has software agents for Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby. Deploy the library and start tracing immediately, without changing a single line of code.