Code-level insight for web apps

APM for distributed web applications - built for distributed apps - for DevOps and developer teams. TraceView allows customers to increase end-user satisfaction by proactively monitoring performance from the end-user, through the WAN, all the way to the code. With insight into thousands of requests and optimization at its core, customers can reduce customer churn by resolving issues faster. TraceView has a lower total cost of ownership, and it affords customers the ability to test and scale their app without worrying about APM costs.

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  • Includes:
    1 user

    1 application

    up to 5 hosts
50% off

Enterprise Host

Unlimited Applications

$39.50 per month*

($0.0525 per hour*)

$79 per month*

($0.105 per hour*)

  • Includes:
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$19 per GB*

($0.025 per hour*)

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*All prices shown are 1 year terms paid in advance per production unit (host or GB) per month.

TraceView Frequently Asked Questions

90 Days of Data Retention

Whether your team is investigating growth trends, AWS overruns, quarterly peak load, or planning future capacity, TraceView grants better visibility to customers of all sizes with deep insight through distributed transaction tracing for 90 days.

Free Pre-production Hosts

We believe more performance visibility is always better. That’s why we provide free monitoring on pre-production or staging environments (equal in size based on hosts or GBs to production environments). With increased monitoring comes increased clarity.

Flexible Pricing

TraceView data processing relies on Amazon Web Services® (AWS), so we know what happens to web apps at scale. We also know what happens when they need to respond to the dynamic demands from customers. To be flexible, you need an APM solution that strengthens your environment instead of working against it. We now offer monthly pricing based on the average of either hosts or GBs (depending on your plan), so customers aren’t charged for spikes in demand that last hours or days.

The Cost of APM

Like any operations team, ours has sought to increase storage speed and capacity while reducing costs. We use AWS extensively - from our S3 buckets to work with Lambda and Aurora - so TraceView’s production environment is a complex beast (not unlike our customers). To reduce our monthly AWS bill, we’ve employed many tactics, from rewriting our data processing in Go to sharded databases. Now, we are passing the fruit of these efforts to our customers with lower pricing so they can allocate resources to do the same.

Feature Comparison

New Relic
True Distributed Tracing
Web Server Instrumentation
Monitoring Available in Base Plan

Application, Server, Browser

Application, Server, Browser

Application, Server, Limited Browser

Full Transaction Trace Data Retention

90 Days

7 Days

Variable (up to 5 weeks)




SaaS; On-premise

Auto-RUM at the Web Server Level

Apache, IIS, Nginx



Language Support
Go (Beta)
Including Async, Non-IIS WCF Apps
Enterprise Pricing
$79 per host
$149 per host
$275 per host

Volume-based Discount Tiers

All prices shown are one-year terms paid in advance per production unit (host or GB) per month.

50% off

1 to 25 Hosts

$39.50 per host

$79 per host

1 to 100GB

$19 per GB

26 to 50 Hosts

$35.50 per host

$71 per host

101 to 200GB

$17 per GB

51 to 100 Hosts

$32 per host

$64 per host

201 to 400GB

$15 per GB

100+ Hosts


Running a highly variable production workload? We have burst pricing for both host and memory-based options. Contact Us